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‘The Pot Plant’ is about finding freedom of expression in clothing that is fuss-free and comfort-driven. Founded by womenpreneurs Resham Karmchandani and Sanya Suri in 2016, the brand believes in pushing the boundaries of fashion with textile engineering and design. Harbouring a deep love for traditional textiles and time-tested hand-me-downs, the brand takes the path less explored by bringing together Indian craft with gender-fluid, inclusive fashion.
The brand belief lies in the designers’ zeal to push the boundaries when it comes to textile engineering and design. Harboring a deep love for traditional textiles and time tested hand me downs, the brand takes the path less explored by bringing together Indian craft with gender fluid, inclusive fashion. From clothes that last a lifetime to fashion that recognizes no gender.

Resham and Sanya were incentivized to launch their gender-fluid fashion brand after several frustrating and ill-fated shopping endeavours. Struggling to find something that was sustainable, individualistic, and well-made, the duo began their inclusive, sustainable label, The Pot Plant.

The brand was launched at Gen Next Lakme Fashion Week. The Pot Plant has also received many accolades, including the Grazia Young Fashion Award, finalist for Vogue Talents Scouting for India by Vogue Italia and FAD, and a special mention in Elle Graduates.  

From clothes that last a lifetime to fashion that recognises no gender, The Pot Plant upholds eco-living by touching base with various aspects of sustainability. Craft preservation is at the core of the brand's philosophy. Working with master artisans, the duo designs collections, especially in bandhani and shibori, that are contemporary yet rooted in traditional techniques. Pot Plant’s clothing is instilled with the unmistakable spirit of both founders: Resham’s preoccupation with handmade textiles and Sanya's love for impeccable tailoring.

  The brand has been covered in national and international fashion, finance, and lifestyle media like Vogue Italia, Vogue India, Grazia, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar, amongst others.   One of the brand’s unique aspects is the complete lack of gendered labelling. Gender is not mentioned in the shopping experience they offer. The philosophy of the label is to create inclusive, sustainable collections and let the wearer resonate with and choose the pieces they like. The brand follows sustainable production with an emphasis on a made-to-order module. They offer a range of sizes from XXS to 6XL+ and customised at no added cost, offering a range of genderless designs through a lens of inclusivity.   The Pot Plant is available in India and overseas in the USA, Australia, and the Middle East. The label also has an e-commerce website that ships worldwide. They recently opened their first flagship store in Defence Colony, Delhi.   With easy separates and natural fabrics The Pot Plant aims at becoming your second skin and making life greener, one garment at a time.

Hailing from eco-conscious families, Sanya Suri and Resham Karmchandani have been eco warriors all their life. As designers, the two believe in crafting collections that become a cherished part of one’s wardrobe. After graduating with degree in Fashion and working in the industry for a while, the two found themselves crafting a brand that would bring together their love for Indian textiles and comfortable easy separates for an all season, all occasion wardrobe.

About the Designers - In aesthetics, their designs always hero the craft. Ladden with anecdotes from their childhood of exquisite textiles from different states of India to the quaint custom tailoring shops, every garment at The Pot Plant is perfected and pruned to nudge forward fustainability and inclusive fashion one collection at a time.